• 18 March 2024


    This is a dish I enjoy very much! It has the kind of simplicity that is for me sometimes an absolute necessity...

  • 27 February 2024


    We like having a bowl of soup with toast or a sandwich for lunch these days and I love chickpeas: buttery and nutty and good for you!

  • 18 September 2023


    This morning the rain was lashing the windows, wind and weather swirling about. It was definitely a day for curry!

  • 11 February 2023

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    I became an enthusiastic cook during my years on that small island off the coast of Nigeria and it was because I found myself up a creek without a paddle.

  • 5 July 2022


    I have been cooking and reading and thinking and trying to make sense of what is happening in the world. Cooking and reading are the happy bits, the creative bits, the thinking is on a loop.

  • 29 March 2022

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    Isn’t food interesting? We all have food that defines high days and holidays. We have comfort food and healthy food, naughty food…well, I do!

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