29 March 2022

Food on the plate!

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Bread and butter

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us.
Life is so endlessly delicious.

– Ruth Reichl –

Isn’t food interesting? We all have food that defines high days and holidays. We have comfort food and healthy food, naughty food…well, I do! I enjoy cooking and I enjoy eating. My besetting sin in cooking is always wanting to try a new recipe, all well and good but it means I spend way too much time researching recipes. Recently I have begun to implement the principle of the set list of go to old faithfuls. Yes, I know, I have come to that somewhat late in life but then, this last phrase could in fact describe so many aspects of my life!

Top of the list for me in comfort food is soup. Almost any soup but by preference a hearty stewy soup that involves lentils or beans and stock. On the days that I want to eat something that gives me that slight sense of a cleanse I have fruit salad or rice topped with fresh tomatoes. When we were younger and I yearned for the wonderful puddings of my childhood I would forego cooking supper and just make this thing called melk kos (milk-food) made with condensed milk, butter and flour, topped with cinnamon. Now that is comfort food on steroids! I can feel a whole post on childhood puddings coming on….

One can miss food, the taste and texture and how it makes you feel.  I spent a number of years living in places where I simply could not get the food that really pleased me, and I can remember coming home from the West African island we lived on and buying a mix of salad leaves and eating a huge pile of it feeling such satisfaction! Of course, back here I miss the delicious ripeness of the fruits I got in West Africa!

Here is a top of the pops list of foods that appeared on our table in the last while.

Breakfast is as below just about every day: rolled oats with banana.

rolled oats with banana

Rolled oats and banana

I have not made nor eaten cheese muffins in years! So one Saturday recently after a busy gardening morning I felt the need. Just sorry I made them in one of those BIG muffin pans, much prefer the smaller versions.

Cheese muffins

Cheese muffins

And this is truly comfort food! Rice and beans! This is a real basic version just lovely with some tomato salad alongside.

rice and beans

Rice and beans

This is a newbie on our menu. Spanish tortilla! Was flummoxed as to what to do about supper one Sunday and the internet brought this to my attention. Potato onion and egg. An absolute firm favourite now.

Spanish tortilla

Spanish tortilla

Now here is something from my culture. It is called sousboontjies in my mother tongue. It is a sort of version of baked beans. In this case large white dried beans soaked and cooked. Then one adds vinegar and sugar and thicken with corn starch. Oh, also quite a bit of pepper. It is generally used as a side dish. Looks a bit red in the photo but no tomato is added. Very simple.

Sousboontjies baked beans

Sousboontjies (baked beans)

Soupe du jour made with chicken carcass for the stock with some carrots, lots of parsley, onion and garlic, left over rice, a potato and butter beans. It was brothy so served it like a sort of ribollito with chunks of bread in it to thicken it up. Just what the doctor ordered on a rainy misty day.

chicken soup

Chicken soup

There ain’t a body, be it mouse or man,
that ain’t made better by a little soup.
– Kate Dicamillo – 

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