27 February 2024

Chickpea Tomato And Veg Soup!

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Chickpea tomato and veg soup featured

Soup is cuisine’s kindest course
It breathes reassurance, it steams consolation

– Virginia Woolf –

We like having a bowl of soup with toast or a sandwich for lunch these days and I love chickpeas: buttery and nutty and good for you! So, on with the soup….

Cooked chickpeas

Cooked chickpeas

First to do is get the chickpeas ready. You can buy canned, this soup of mine would take at least two cans. I soaked and cooked 500 gm of dried chickpeas in my trusty instant pot. You don’t HAVE to soak ahead if you are using a pressure cooker, but I prefer them really soft and you know what, the soaking is overnight, all you have to do is let it sit there and then the cooking time is really short. Win win! I cooked the chickpeas with as they say a few aromatics: bay leaf, garlic, and I added a slice of sun-dried tomato because I had some. You can add half an onion, peppercorns as it takes your fancy. I do this because I don’t plan to use all the chickpeas in the soup and I want the rest to have some flavour and for sure I want the liquid to have taste as well. I am going to use most of the liquid for the soup.

Thyme and struggling mint!

Thyme and struggling mint!

Celery and piper the dog

Celery and Piper the dog

I start most veg based soups the same way: two grated carrots, two chopped onions, celery: I have a small plant, so I only used two leafy stalks. If my plant was sizeable, I would have at least doubled up on that. Love the celery taste in soup. I add two handfuls of parsley: nice taste and all that vitamin C! A clove or two of minced garlic, and I added fresh thyme. Dried thyme will be fine, also Italian herb mix and I reckon a bold shake of smoked chili flakes is a must!

soup in the pot step 1

So, adding a bit of oil to the pot and let the soffritto (love the word!) sweat and then in goes the chickpeas, in my case most of the cooking liquid and a few big handfuls of frozen chopped veg. Here by us that contains green beans, peas, carrot, and corn. If I did not have that handy, I would added in more chopped (not grated) carrot. And in fact, whatever veg I had handy, even potato. Because potato loves tomato! Then the tomato, I use good quality chopped canned tomato and today I also added two tablespoons tomato paste because I craved that strong tomato taste. And now that chickpea cooking liquid, water to cover all this generously, and some vegetable stock. Here a good quality comes as ‘stockpot’ concentrate. I add salt and pepper from the get-go and when the soup is about done, taste, usually add more and also a splash of lemon juice. I cook until the veg is done but still crunchy with a bit of luck and good timing.

soup in the pot step 2
soup in the pot step 3
soup and bread

This is a case of a bowl of soup, a crust of bread, a piece of cheese and thou, and the kitchen is paradise enow!
Sort of Omar Khayyam –

Omar Khayyam quote

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