24 October 2021

Time For A Book

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Stack of books

Books are the plane, and the train, and the road
– Anna Quindlen –

When I was a young woman I read like a locust. I was voracious! But I also loved a challenge. So if you told me this was a gritty book or this form of writing was outrageous or had never been tried before, I was your girl. For me reading was an extreme sport. I don’t regret it. I read widely and that has stood me in good stead. Even in those far off years I had my stash of books for so called comfort reading. But really they were the long haul books. Some I bought when I was in my early twenties. They are still on my shelf, and they are still read. But I was a bit ashamed of them. I had the idea that they would make me seem less intelligent, less discerning. Oh dear.

My kindle

These days I will still take up a challenge but only if it is really worthwhile. And if it is brilliant and worthwhile but it hurts my heart and my mind, well no. I just can’t do it anymore. My skin is too thin these days, my tears too close to the surface. I need for there to be a bit of hope, a touch of joy.

I love reading crime fiction. The characters, the people carry more weight for me than the plot but what a pleasure when you get both! Great characterisation and a plot that is logical, believable and carries the book. One of my favourite writers is Peter Grainger. He has written three series, two of which I have read several times! My favourite is the one which features Detective sergeant DC Smith. He is slight, he is witty, very funny and a pleasure to get to know. Peter Grainger takes his time, lets us get to know this character. The people around DC Smith come into focus, develop, change. We dip into the past. It all seems to happen organically. Nothing is strained. I have so much respect for this writer.

Best to start with An Accidental Death and take it from there. The only place I can find these in my country is on Amazon and there it costs $6,31.

Reading is a conversation
– Mark Haddon –

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